Imperial Athletes Membership 21-22


With the full launch of Imperial Athletes, our membership structure has gone through development with our volunteers on the Sports Exec and with club captains.
Imperial Athletes membership now costs £25. This grants you access to Recreational membership of every sports club at Imperial. To get this recreational membership, search for the club you’re interested in and you can ‘purchase’ it for free. Once you’ve got Recreational membership for a sports club, you can take part in that club’s activity.
During term 1, you may wish to participate in more activity than just the social training – at this point you can upgrade your membership within each club to one of the following tiers. Please note that not all clubs have every tier available for purchase, and the team you end up in may affect the tier of membership you need - check with each club for more specifics!

Membership TierWhat's includedPrice

RecreationalSocial training. No competitions or formal coachingIncluded with Imperial Athletes membership

BronzeLUSL (London Universities Sports Leagues) competition entry, training and coached sessions if offered by club£25

SilverBUCS 2A and below, plus equivalent HE competitions. This will include all booked transport, once a week training, and competitions£65

GoldBUCS Premier League and top tier teams. This will include all booked transport, all training, and competitions£115

PerformancePerformance Teams (must be in Prem or Tier 1) and performance support - check with the club£150


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