The Imperial College Writers’ Society Anthology 2021-2022

This is the Anthology of works written by our society's members throughout this academic year. Inside, you will find six amazing short stories and poems, including:
- My Hunter, by Vamsikalyan Sridharbabu
- Knots, by Ari Alonso Bizzi
- July Sun on a January Morning, by Anand Doshi
- Murder 101, by Kirill Sechkar
- Miss Evergard's Infant, by Hana Isphani
- Any Baobab can be a Christmas Tree, by Eurydice Costopoulou

You will be able to collect your purchased copy soon after the printed anthologies on 28 June at 6pm on the Queen's Lawn, at a later date in the summer (to be announced via the society's mailing list), or when you return to college after the Summer Holidays.

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