Squash (Medics) Bronze Membership 21-22


As an Imperial Athletes member and a member of a club, you can purchase a Bronze membership which includes but is not limited to:

  • Access to participate in LUSL and/or relevant Social Competitive Leagues
  • Playing Kit
  • Training Sessions with a Coach or Instructor
  • Entry to agreed Competitions
  • Transport to Harlington Training Sessions

We have a diverse range of sports clubs at Imperial and each of them work and offer different things meaning you Bronze membership to this club may be a slightly different offer from another club's Bronze Membership. To get further information on what specifically you get for this membership contact the club committee.

We recommend checking in with your sports club before purchasing this membership to ensure it is the correct level in which you are participating at. The team you play in or compete for may affect the level of membership you need to purchase.


Seller Information

This product is sold by a Club, Society, or Project. For further information about how this product is fulfilled or for any enquiries relating to this product please contact the relevant group or Union Reception

Conditions apply

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Requires membership of Squash (Medics).
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Maximum 1 purchase.
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