Phase 1b Tutorial Series

🚨 YEAR 2s! 🚨

ICSM RAG is back again with our highly successful RAG tutorial series. This year we have a series of tutorials lined up for you guys which are going to be delivered by prize winning and top in the year older years. You really don’t want to miss out! For only £5 pounds, you will have access to all 9 tutorials. Once you have bought your membership, you will be added to a team channel where we will be running the tutorials every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 starting on the 23rd of January.
Don’t worry if you are not able to make it as the tutorials will be recorded and uploaded after! By purchasing our tutorials, you will also be supporting our wonderful charities this year Mind UK and Refuge!

We start off the series with Josh K giving an amazing tutorial on how to study for Y2 exams. As the top of the year student, Josh has invaluable tips and tricks to help you ace your exams! This is not a tutorial you want to miss! The tutorials will be running on the 23rd of January from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Below is the timetable for the tutorials:
23/ 1 - How to study for Y2 exams
30/1 - Gastro
7/2 - Resp
13/2 - Neuro
20/2 - Endo
27/2 - LMAP
6/3 - Cardio
13/3 - CPA History-Taking and NEWS2
TBD - ECG Interpretation

We look forward to seeing you guys there. Many thanks to the MDU for sponsoring the lecture series this year!

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