IC Golf Membership 2022-23

This product solidifies your membership in the golf club, giving you access to all events* and facilities! These include but are not limited to the following: - Regular driving range sessions at Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range - Social rounds at Ealing Golf Club - Socials, including PubGolf and Mini Golf - The ability to join the Golf team and compete in BUCS League matches *Note that individual events may also have a relevant fee associated with them, but these will be partly subsidised using the initial fee. Some events will be members-only, which will require this membership. How to buy this product: - Purchase the £10 Imperial Athletes Community membership - Then click 'Join Golf', which you'll see on the main Union Page - You will now be able to purchase this product and become a full member of the Golf Club Hope to see you this term and hit some bombs together!

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Requires membership of Golf.