DroneSoc Engineering Membership


This package will allow you to become an official DroneSoc Engineer. You will be working on Project Atlas, where the main goal is to develop a modular quadcopter combined with one of our past projects, the Silent Drone Project and our custom trained object detection and classification programme for surveillance and monitoring purposes.

This package will also include:

• Access to the QuadBasics course (a 6-week course focused on teaching you how to build a quadcopter)
• Access to the RoboBasics course (a 6-week course focused on coding and robotics)’
• Access to society equipment in the Imperial Advance Hackspace in White City
• Access to drone racing simulation game ‘Liftoff’
• Access to Fly-outs at Wormwood occurring every fortnight
• Access to pre-built FPV drones for Fly-out sessions
• Access to talks delivered by industry experts, networking and social events
• Access to Chief Tech Officer, Manufacturing Officer election position

*Requires RAFT Training Course. For further information click here.


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Requires membership of DroneSoc.