Men's Membership Add-On 2023/2024


Purchase this to become an official ICUCC member!

This product is appropriate for all men's squads and is required if you train with and/or represent the club.

It's an absolute bargain for what it's worth:

  • Training at prestigious West London venues for at least 2 hours per week through Winter and Spring.
  • Fully qualified instructor at each training session.
  • Affiliation covered to represent ICUCC at BUCS indoors, BUCS outdoors and LUSL competitions.
  • Access to both white and coloured playing kit.
  • Subsidised/zero match fees for all league fixtures.
  • Transport covered for all league fixtures outside of London.
  • Heavily subsidised social events throughout the year (e.g.: Annual dinner).
  • Access to limited merch drops from our quality collection of stash!

... and so much more! Check our social media for a full list of perks.

How to buy this product:

  • Make sure you've bought the £10 base Imperial Athletes membership.
  • Once you've done the above make sure you've bought the base £50 membership on our Union A-Z page.
  • Once this is complete you should now be able to purchase this product!

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