Mark Sephton receiving SACA

Prof Mark Sephton

The winner of the 2014 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Supervision was Professor Mark Sephton, of the Department of Earth Science & Engineering.

What students said about Professor Mark Sephton:

  • "When invited researchers come to our department and their work is related to our projects, Mark always makes sure that we have at least a short conversation with them in order to exchange ideas, to build our academic network and to gain confidence when explaining our projects to other people. "
  • "His support and motivation during the process of my transfer exam (9 month report with its corresponding viva) was invaluable. He checked my report no less than 3 times and the quality of the feedback he provided each time was excellent."

  • "I feel that he has a remarkable acumen in research, the goal and direction of the project are clearly planned and determined. Our one-to-one project discussion usually proceeds in a very casual way and it is this casual atmosphere allows me to articulate and express my ideas and his enthusiasm makes me feel very welcomed to ask for assistance. I am very much looking forward to working with him on more theoretical ideas and experimental plans."

  • "He patiently helped me through the minefield of publishing my first paper and is u nderstanding of the occasional laboratory explosion. A good supervisor is someone who is experienced and knowledgeable whilst being friendly and never intimidating, Mark fulfills all of those qualities in abundance."

  • "Part of what makes him a great supervisor is also the fact that he is able to deal with and guide such a diverse group of people. All of us face different challenges and deal with them differently, but Mark always manages to steer us in the right direction and make sure we make the best out of every situation."
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