Ross - Deputy President Clubs & Societies

Fifi (Deputy President Finance & Services)

Hi. My name is Ross and I'm your Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) this year.

I believe Imperial College Union can do more for our students. With over 380 Clubs, Societies, and Projects doing so many amazing things our students do and it's my job to facilitate, promote, and celebrate these actvities.

 On a day-to-day basis, I work with elected volunteers to improve your student experience and make your time at Imperial the best it can be. Keep an eye on this space and on social media where I will give you updates on the main projects I will be working on this year. If you see me around on campus, don't hesitate to catch me if you have any questions or comments!

Get in touch

If you have any ideas, any problems, any feedback (be it bad or good) I'm here to talk. Just get in touch by email, twitter, or even drop into the office and I'll do my best to clear some time and talk with you. I'll be doing open sessions around our campuses so look out for when those pop up!

My goals

Every Officer Trustee sets several goals at the start of each year – goals they will work towards individually, and ones they will work on achieving collectively. It is worth remembering that alongside our main priorities, we also keep our relevant areas running day to day, and have a number of smaller projects on the go at any one time. We’re always working to try and improve your student experience!

Here are my main priorities for the year:

  1. Make sport cheaper and more accesible
  2. Improve Union facilities and spaces
  3. Overhaul all union training
  4. Put Clubs, Societies, and Projects at the heart of Commercial Services
  5. Introduce a Happy Hour in our bars