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Don't shut the door on international students

Help us fight against Government proposals that would unfairly penalise international students and damage the UK's standing as a global leader in higher education - proposals that don't bring any social or economic benefit.

The UK Government is set to release a new immigration bill which would introduce yet more unfair conditions for international students. These changes will impact on international students - who make up 75% of all those in the UK who are subject to visa controls.

The global market for students is increasingly competitive, with the UK already losing ground

Of all people in the UK who are subject to visa control, international students are the most heavily regulated and monitored - but are also those who boost the UK's economy more than any other group.

  • The Government is proposing to introduce a charge for all non-European Economic Area students to allow them to access the National Health Service.

Imperial College Union believes the introduction of a charge, up to £200 per person per year, is discriminatory, unfair and would significantly damage the diversity and wealth of talent at Imperial College London. For doctoral research students with families, this could add up to £3000 to their costs of studying in the UK - before they even step foot in the UK. 

The global market for students is increasingly competitive, with the UK already losing ground to new generations of universities in countries such as China, South Korea and Australia. Adding another penalty can only reduce the number of international students who choose the UK over other options; each student who does so will cost the UK more in lost income and tax than we save in healthcare.

  • Also, the Government is proposing to fine any private landlord who does not check the immigration status of their tenants.

Imperial College Union believes these checks will only make it more difficult for international students to access safe, quality housing. Passing on the responsibility for immigration checks to landlords effectively makes them a branch of the UK border police, without any training or oversight. Landlords will simply restrict their properties to home students to save time and bother, unfairly penalising international students and potentially driving them towards unscrupulous landlords.

We are joining with the National Union of Students and other students' unions from across the UK to call on Parliament and the Government to scrap these proposals and instead focus on ways to support international students, who contribute billions to the UK economy every year, which helps us fund the NHS, welfare and other public services.

To add your voice to this call, tell us your thoughts below. We will be lobbying Parliamentarians to vote against the Bill, starting with members of the House of Lords - where the Bill will next be debated.

Please also support the National Union of Students' campaign against these proposals by signing their petition and writing to your MP. You can support their campaign here and sign their petition here.