eTickets Information

For many of the Union events that you can buy tickets online for we opearate a ticketless entry system. You will only recieve an email confirmation of your purchase, no physical ticket.

Instead you will be able to gain entry to the event by bringing your College ID card. If for some reason you do not have your College ID card with you, proof of ID will be required.

All events run by the Union that have alcohol on sale are subject to our standard Venue Entry Policy which details who can enter the venue or event.


Example of events where we operate a ticketless system

  • Freshers' Balls
  • End-of-term Balls and Carnivals
  • Summer Balls
  • Any other events where it is stated on the product page
Not For Profit
You buy something from us.
We pay the supplier, staff and our overheads.
All the rest, every penny, is reinvested in the services we run for our members!
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