Deputy President (Finance & Services)

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When it comes to Imperial College Union's social enterprises and the financial support of its student groups, the Deputy President (Finance & Services) is the voice of our members. They lead the delivery of Welcome Week, the termly Carnivals, the Summer Ball and everything in between, as well as helping our five bars, two shops and conferencing service understand our members and their needs. Jointly with the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies), the Deputy President (Finance & Services) is responsible for the training, support and recognition of the thousands of volunteers in our Clubs, Societies & Projects. 

The Deputy President (Finance & Services) achievements this year

The current Deputy President (Finance & Services) is Matt Blackett, a Chemistry Undergraduate who was previously ACC Vice Chair, Student Ambassador, Year One Academic Representative and a member of the Rugby Club. Matt has focused his energy this year on increasing the income received from non-students, arranging coaches to Heston & Harlington, and making Imperial College Union a sustainable organisation.

Every Officer Trustee sets several goals at the start of each year - goals they will work towards individually, and ones they will work on achieving collectively. Here are Tom's priorities for this year. You can get full details of the goal - and the progress he has made towards it so far - on his Officer Trustee Goals page.

You can also read his original Manifesto from when he ran for Deputy President (Finance & Services) here.

What you would do as Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Key Facts

    • Full-time, paid role (£30,770*)
    • Term in office: Mid July 2018 - 31 July 2019
    • Responsible for ensuring our social enterprises (FiveSixEight, the Union Bar, Metric, h-bar, Reynolds, the Union Shop, Shop Extra and Beit Venues) meet the needs of Imperial students
    • Jointly responsible for supporting our 3,000+ volunteers to boost their personal and professional development
    • Member of Imperial College Union's Board of Trustees
    • Responsible for helping Clubs, Societies & Project manage their finances and operate safely & effectively

* 2017/18 figure; College salaries for 2018/19 will be announced in June 2018

To find out more about the role, contact Matt

What you would learn as Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Do you want a career in finance, marketing, or management consultancy? Build your experience by taking a leading role in the operations and strategy of a social enterprise with over £9m in income each year. Develop real-life experience of making decisions as varied as investment strategies, food & beverage procurement, customer research and volunteer development.

As Deputy President (Finance & Services), you would develop your:

  • Leadership ability, as you work towards long-term goals such as engaging alumni and negotiating contracts
  • Strategic thinking, as you manage risks such as health & safety and participate in high-impact decisions such as investment strategies and major supplier contracts
  • Interpersonal and public speaking skills, working with external companies, senior College decision-makers, Union staff and student volunteers
  • Ability to empower and develop others, as you encourage volunteers and activity leaders to pursue their goals and arrange ever-better events and competitions
  • Stakeholder management, as you balance the competing views and interests within the student body and the wider Imperial community, as well as commercial partners supplying our outlets and supporting our operations

Role Description

The Deputy President (Finance & Services) shall:

  • Take on Presidential duties as appropriate
  • Be responsible for reporting student opinion on health and safety to the College and external bodies, suggesting areas for development, in conjunction with the relevant Union committees
  • Be jointly responsible with the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) for the training, support and recognition of Club, Society & Project (CSP) volunteers, in conjunction with the relevant Union committees and staff
  • Be jointly responsible with Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) for overseeing support on financial matters to Clubs, Societies & Projects
  • Be responsible for the Union's financial procedures
  • Be responsible for the Union's Health and Safety procedures
  • Be responsible for the commercial services the Union provides, including, but not limited to: conferencing, retail and licensed trade services
  • Be responsible for the sponsorship of the Union

All Officer Trustees shall:

  • Act as a Trustee ex-officio
  • Fulfill all Presidential and constitutional responsibilities
  • Execute and develop policy and further the aims and objectives of the Union
  • Ensure that all members of the Union are equally represented
  • Chair relevant Union committees
  • Liaise with Union and College staff as appropriate
  • Represent the Union on external committees as appropriate
  • Report to Union committees as appropriate
  • Establish extra duties with the President where appropriate
  • Coordinate the work of the non-Trustee officers of the Union
  • Deliver the Union's strategic aims and uphold the Union's values
  • Ensure that the Union provides relevant and sustainable events and services that meet the demands of its members
  • Campaign where appropriate on issues relevant to the membership

Voting is now closed. Join us in Metric at 19:00 for the Results Party. 
See stats here