Annual Budgeting

Annual Budgeting is an important part of running a Club, Society or Project. Each year we ask each club to submit their Annual Budget for consideration by the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board (CSPB), after which Union grant is allocated.

Who is eligible for Annual Budgeting?

Any affiliated Imperial Club, Society or Project is eligible for Annual Budgeting. We encourage all clubs to submit a budget, not simply to apply for funding but to help with financial planning for the next academic year.

The following groups are not eligible for funding via the Annual Budgeting process;

  • NAI (Incubator) clubs
  • Clubs, Societies or Projects that do not charge the minimum membership fee*

*Excluding Departmental Societies. Please see the Budgeting Policy for more information.

What is the purpose of Annual Budgeting?

Writing an Annual Budget allows CSPB to understand your income and expenditure as a club and from this allocate a portion of Union grant based on your needs. It is not however purely for grant allocation and is beneficial for the long-term financial management of your club, allowing you to predict what costs will be incurred in the next year and plan accordingly to avoid going into debt.

The budgeting methodology we follow attemps to split the Union grant as fairly as possible. The grant exists to support a club's core activity, not fully fund it. The rest of your costs should be covered by income such as membership, sponsorship, donations and other fundraising.

How do I write an effective budget?

There are a number of things to consider when writing your budget. In the first instance you should use your previous budget as a jumping off point while referring to this year's Budgeting Policy for guidence. We would advise speaking to your Management Group representative in the first instance and to also attend one of the Student Activities Club Budgeting training workshops. For a budget that you can also use as a template, please refer to the Baton Twirling society example below.

You can also refer to the CSP Budgeting guide for more detailed information on the process.

The Activities team will also be running a number of drop in sessions throughout January where we can offer advice and support in writing your budget.

How do I submit my budget?

You can submit your annual budget via eActivities > Finance > Budgeting > Annual Budgeting

There are 4 individual sections that make up you budget submission;

  • Aims & Objectives
  • Membership details
  • Sponsorship details
  • Budget submission





13 December Budget submissions open (via eActivities)
27 January Budget submissions close (23:59 pm)
  Management Group Comments open
02 February Management Group Comments close
  Management Group  Queries open
08 February CSPB meeting: discussion of budget submissions
16 February Management Group
Queries close
20 February DPCS & DPFS Solutions
27 February CSPB meeting: discussion of Solutions
13 March Allocation
TBC Appeals
TBC Allocation #2 (where applicable)

For all general enquires relating to Annual Budgeting please contact the Activities team on