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Freshers' Fair 2017

Club, Society & Project stall bookings are now closed

Every year we welcome over 400 stall holders to showcase the best of what the Union has to offer at the annual Freshers’ Fair.

This includes all of our brilliant 375+ Clubs, Societies & Projects.

The Fair spans across the whole South Kensington Campus and takes over both Union and College spaces; from fencing on Queen’s Lawn to 3D printers in Beit, there is something to see and do in every corner of campus.

In order to facilitate this and for your club to get the most out of the fair, it’s important that you tell us what you need so that we can accommodate your needs as a stallholder.

Each group will get a stall which includes the following;

  • Stall (1x trestle table)
  • Chairs (exceptions: Quad, Dalby Court & Queen’s Lawn)

What else is on offer for CSPs?

  • Performance & demonstration space (slots will be allocated nearer to the time)
  • Power (not guaranteed and dependent on interest)
  • Additional space for large equipment

Please note: you are only guaranteed a stall at this point however we will provide the above where possible

What information do we need?

In order to meet your club's needs we require the following information;

  • Do you require power? (not for laptop use but to power equipment e.g. 3D printer)
  • Additional space (e.g. for large equipment)
  • Demonstration/performance space preference (Queen's Lawn for Sports demonstrations / Beit Quad for other demonstrations & performances)
  • Any special requirements

The form does not cover:

  • Trials
  • Equipment pick & and drop off from Ethos on the day of the fair

A seperate form for trials will be sent out by Sport Imperial at a later date.

For equipment pick up/drop off requests (if applicable), please contact y.vines@imperial.ac.uk seperately by Monday 2 October.

Key Dates

30th September Freshers' Briefings
30th September - 1st October Moving in Weekend
2nd October  
3rd October Freshers' Fair
4th October Sports Trials / Taster Day

Look out for other events happening during Welcome Week (30th September - 8th October) that your CSP can get involved in.

Who is expected to attend?

  • Clubs
  • Societies
  • Projects
  • Social Enterprise groups (via Student Development team)

Why get involved?

Each year we have between 5,000 and 6,000 attendees at the fair

30% of all survey participants said that Freshers’ Fair led them to join a Club, Society or Project (Student Experience Survey, 2016-17)

Freshers’ fair is the busiest day on the Union website with 11,040 unique visitors! (2015-16)

In fact, the Clubs, Societies & Projects ‘A-Z’ had the most traffic with 14,000 page views!

Give it a Go

Give it a Go (GIAG) runs throughout the year and gives you can opportunity to promote beginner and taster sessions to Imperial students. This allows students to try your Club, Society or Project for free or at a low cost and can encourage membership later in the year.

If you will be running a Give it a Go activity or event during Welcome Week (30th September - 8th October) and would like it promoted on the GIAG page, please submit the webform here.

For more information about GIAG visit the link here.

Freshers' Briefings

In order to secure your stall you or at least one other committee member will be expected to attend a Freshers' Briefing on Saturday 30 September.

The briefings will run from 12.00 - 16.00 pm and will take 1 hour.

Sign-ups will close on Monday 14 August at 9.00 am. To register, you can book online here.

How do I register for a stall?

Step 1: fill out the web form below

Step 2: attend one of the Freshers’ Briefings on Saturday 30 September

Please note: Briefing sign-ups close Monday 14 August at 9.00 am

Stall Bookings & Requirements