Nick - Deputy President (Education)

Hi, I'm Nick

As Deputy President (Education), it's my job to ensure that students like you are taking the lead in improving the quality of their education - no matter what or where you study.

Through the Academic Representation Network, Student Academic Choice Awards and our Responses to datasets like the National Student Survey and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey, I represent the opinions of all Imperial's students to the most senior academics in every department, faculty and campus.I ran for this role because I believe that students should feel empowered to shape their education for the better.

Will Alejandro or Jude be your next Deputy President (Education)? That's up to you.
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My goals

Every Officer Trustee sets several goals at the start of each year - goals they will work towards individually, and ones they will work on achieving collectively. These are the priorities I set for myself this year, as well as those I'll work on in partnership with the rest of the Officer Trustee team. You can get more information on each goal - and the progress I have made towards it so far - on my Officer Trustee Goals page.

You can also read my original Manifesto for when I ran for Deputy President (Education) here.

Our Strategy and Values

Everything Imperial College Union does is guided by Our Strategy 2017-20, launched in January 2017 after extensive consultation with our members and volunteers. Our Strategy sets out how we will transform the Imperial experience. For me as Deputy President (Education), Our Strategy gives me high-level aims such as amplifying every student's voice, working in partnership with College, and engaging with student communities in Hammersmith, Charing Cross and elsewhere.

I aim to keep the Union's values in mind when I'm working - especially Leadership and Partnership, as I think that when it comes to our education, students should be the ones leading and creating change - then building a meaningful relationship with academics to achieve it.

Want my job?

Excellent! Being Deputy President (Education) gives you the chance to influence the College's academic strategy and quality at the highest levels, and I've enjoyed (almost!) every minute of it! I'd be happy to explain the role further to anyone interested in taking over from me, or joining the Academic Representation Network. You can contact me via email and Twitter, and there will be opportunities to meet me and my fellow Officer Trustees and learn more about what we do throughout the Leadership Elections 2018.

Get in touch

Do you want to know more about the Academic Representation Network, our part in delivering College's Learning & Teaching Strategy, or how we're driving up feedback quality across faculties? Then come find me!

If you're a student at Imperial College London, my full-time job is making your education better. You can get in touch with me in lots of ways - in person at an Imperial College Union event such as Union Council, by email, by Twitter or through the Imperial College Union Facebook page. You can also come to the Union Reception on the second floor of the Union Building, although I can't guarantee that I will be available at short notice - but Reception will do their best to arrange a time to see me. 

The next Deputy President (Education) is Alejandro Luy.
Alejandro will take up his role on 1 August 2018. Read his manifesto here.