Mums & Dads 2018

If you think back to when you first came to University, you might remember how scary moving to London and the next stage of your life was. Having a senior student – someone to ask what to expect from their first year, to give advice on how to get involved with clubs and societies, the best places to eat or go out, how much coursework to expect, or just someone to talk to if they are feeling – can make a massive difference!

No skills, knowledge or experience is required to be part of Mums & Dads, just an enthusiasm to help people and meet new people! You will be able to choose or design activities with support from your Dep Soc, and carry out the role based around your commitments.

Please note that the Mums & Dads scheme is currently only for Undergraduate students. If you are a PhD student, you can have a look at the Union-supported Doctoral Student Coaching Programme that is run by the Graduate School. We are hoping to make the Mums & Dads scheme accessible to more student populations in the near future.

What can you do?

  • Helping your ‘children’ navigate the start of their studies , e.g. sharing lecture notes and past paper questions, giving advice on how to handle learning pressures, organizing tutorials
  • Watching out for the new students that you take under your wing , and doing your best to help them lead a safe and healthy first year at University, e.g. directing them to personal tutors or the Union’s Advice Centre if they look like they need personal support, giving advice on how to live in London, giving cooking tips, and taking them out for sports activities
  • Helping to make sure new students settle well into life at University , e.g. helping them become familiar with Imperial’s campuses and facilities, showing them how to make the most out of South Kensington and London

Why get involved?

Mums & Dads is a well-established scheme that is run by Dep Socs; results from the Student Experience Survey found that ~60% of new students said that they found the scheme to be either ‘helpful’ or ‘very helpful’ to their first year experience at Imperial! 

By participating in Mums & Dads, you can:

  • Make new friends in your subject area
  • Help new students settle into Imperial , and give them a good first impression and a positive start to their time at University
  • Give new students advice and direction as they enter a new phase of their lives, whether in terms of studies or welfare
  • Take on a position of responsibility and be a role model to a younger peer

What support will you have?

Mums & Dads is primarily operated by Dep Socs with assistance from the Union. Generally-speaking, Dep Socs will organise events during the first term that will allow you to meet and get to know your ‘children’. People in your Dep Soc will also be able to give you advice on how to become the most effective Mum or Dad. You can find Dep Soc contacts via our A-Z guide .

However, you can always contact if you have any questions, or aren’t able to get the advice and answers you’re looking for through your Dep Soc. 

If, as a parent, you come across personal welfare-related issues, it is important to remember that you are not expected to (nor should you) deal with the issues yourself. In such circumstances, you should always get in touch with our Advice Centre at , and follow the professional guidance that our advisors give to you.

What do we expect from you?

Mums & Dads roles are usually very casual and relaxed, and we hope you will have loads of fun and make some great friends through participating in the scheme.

It goes without saying that you will be a role model to new students when you take on this role, and the impression you give can significantly shape how the new student will see University during their time here. Please act responsibly and with integrity, and be sensitive to the needs and personalities of the people that you will take under your wing!

I'm a current student how do I sign up to be a parent?

Sign-ups for the Mums & Dads Scheme are now closed. If you are a current student, you can speak to your Dep Soc to find out if they have any spaces left for you to be involved.

 For any questions, speak to your Dep Soc or email .

I'm a new student how do I sign up?

Sign-ups for the Mums & Dads Scheme are now closed. If you are a new student you can speak to your Dep Soc to find out more information about your parents and any Mums and Dads events. All new students will have been given parents but by signing up you will have been paired with parents who have similar interests.  

 For any questions, speak to your Dep Soc or email .