Photo of Sakina Surury

Sakina Surury

RSMU: Outreach Officer

Hi! My name is Sakina Surury (although most people just know me as Nina), and I am running for the position of Outreach Officer.
I believe that the RSM is a vastly engaging, challenging and inclusive community and would love to share the wonderful experience of being an Imperial student with prospective students and science lovers through branching out and interacting with younger generations.
I will do this through encouraging and organizing interdepartmental events which promote innovation and collaboration, the funds from which could be used to hold outreach events and encourage more women to take up studies and careers in science (maybe that’ll help us balance out that Imperial gender ratio!). Leadership roles in the past have given me the experience, skills and qualities to fulfill this role. Your outreach officer should be organized, approachable and motivated and my experience as a student council representative and prefect have granted me this, as well as made me appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of a committee.
I’m really friendly, open to all your great ideas and would love the opportunity to be your Outreach Officer next year!
Vote for Sakina!