Photo of Jonas Eschenfelder

Jonas Eschenfelder

RSMU: Wellbeing & Events Officer

Hello everybody,
When talking about Welfare, the conversation always ends up being about mental health and disability services while these are extremely important topics that need to be properly addressed, they are only a fraction of what student welfare should be about. We all sometimes get overwhelmed with the stress of university, friends, and everything else going on in our lives. Dealing with this on our own can be challenging, but oftentimes only something small can help us cope with the daily rush. That is why as Welfare and Activities Officer I want to focus on providing an inclusive space for everyone, promote the communal spirit of the RSM and help people accessing the support they need, no matter how big or small the problem may seem.
I will do this by organising small events on a regular basis to provide a pause from the daily rush and create a space for discussion and conversation. It will also be important to continue events that help build a strong community inside the RSM, like the MasterMines quiz or the RSM Olympics. I will also run campaigns and am excited to hear from you what is truly important. Lastly, I will try to facilitate a space in which every student's concerns and ideas can be heard.
This is a new role and I am very excited about the opportunity to help define what welfare in the RSM is about, making sure that all Miners feel taken care off, loved and listened to.