Photo of Aemiro Habte

Aemiro Habte

Blockchain and Crypto-Technologies: External Relations Officer

Hi! My name is Aemiro Habte and I am running for External Relations Officer of Blockchain and Crypto Technologies. I am running because I want to transform this society from an isolated and dispersed community to a social, thriving hub of blockchain enthusiasts. I currently work as a market analyst at London Blockchain Labs. This involves me preforming technical and fundemental analysis on the cryptocurrency markets. These then get posted on the LBL Telegram and Discord as daily updates for Bitcoin and coin picks for altcoins. Being the admin/editor, I also review the daily updates of other members, post breaking news and link to insightful articles in the blockchain space.

Right now, our club is connected by little more than a 1-minute article that makes its rounds once a month. This should not be how any society, especially one that is focused on such a ground-breaking and revolutionary technology, should be. I’ve discussed this with the rest of the markets division and we’re planning on rolling out a newsletter that covers the largest, most relevant topics in blockchain soon. If I get elected, implementing this will become much easier as newsletters sent every week to other universities aren’t being distributed here for some reason.
Additionally, I plan to host a lot more events at Imperial. These will include social meetups, networking events and conferences. I hope to make this a great society members find value in. Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me at