Photo of Zheng Wu

Zheng Wu

Women in Business: Vice President

Hi, I am Stacey and I am running for the Vice President of Women in Business Society. Business has long been perceived as a male-dominated world and women in this industry seem to have an unbreakable glass ceiling where they struggle so hard for being promoted to more senior positions. That is why I am here ready to help all the members to break it.

Working as events manager in ICWB in the past year have gained me more understanding and insights in the society and our members. Through organising career talks and social events, I have become more familiar with building up connections with sponsors and organising events. It definitely allows me to know more about you and your career interests.

Here are a few of my objectives for the upcoming academic year:

1. Reach out to more sponsors and members to match their interests and build up a channel for better exchange of information in between sponsors and members

2. Organise more industrial insight talks to fill the gap between academics and business sector and prepare you for internships and future career

3. Seek for more collaborations with other societies for more exciting socials.

4. Liaise with president and all other teams to ensure good communication across the committee

I will continually work to make ICWB a place where you can seek assistance in your professional career planning.