Photo of Xiaoyu Lin

Xiaoyu Lin

Women in Business: Vice President

Hi, I am Xiaoyu (Vicky) Lin, a second-year student majoring in Civil Engineering, and I am running to be the Vice President of ICWB! I love communicating with people and supporting people, and that is why I desire to stand for the VP. I want to use my experience to lead the ICWB and increase your chance to get a deeper insight into various business industries. Just a week ago, I led my team for the KPMG consulting contest, and we were ranked as top 5 nationally.

If selected, I aim to bring:
1. Manage and operate the team efficiently with the greatest support.
2. Assist with hosting insight events to help you gain deeper insight into the finance industry.
3. Organising cv/cover letter check workshop frequently to maximise your chances to get into your dream workplace.

I really appreciate the support, and thank you very much for the vote!