Photo of Jergus Strucka

Jergus Strucka

Data Science: Head of Talent Development


- Push for the development of infrastructure for the Academy of AI
o automatised assignment marking
o polished, easy-to-follow worksheets
o a centralised library of workshop related resources
- Create a cohesive talent development stream from ‘just homework’ to real data science projects proposed by our sponsors.
- Organise more interview preparation sessions/case study sessions


I am the current Head of Talent Development at ICDSS. I am standing for re-election in order to use my experience and improve the talent development stream delivered to the members in the upcoming year. In particular, the Academy of AI workshop series that we ran this year has been a success, but it would greatly benefit from a more developed infrastructure including automatised assignment marking, more polished example worksheets, and a website with lecture-related resources. In order to achieve this, I plan to work alongside the new committee members over the summer to prepare everything for the new academic year. Simultaneously, I aim to create a smooth transition between the workshop series and the project-solving team to form a cohesive talent development stream. Its main aim is to bridge the daunting gap between ‘just homework’ and real data science projects proposed by our sponsors. I will also work hard to increase the number of interview preparation sessions/case study sessions to better prepare our members for data science job hunting.

feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!