Photo of Shashwat Dalal

Shashwat Dalal

Data Science: Chair

Over the last few years, Imperial College’s Data Science Society has grown substantially in both its membership and operations to now become the largest student-led data science society in the UK.

My role in this journey began two years ago when I started as a TA helping run our Academy of AI workshops, and later progressed into the role of Head of Corporate Relations. During my time working with corporate relations,I brought in new partners such as HSBC, and grew our budget to help ICDSS become the third most sponsored society at Imperial.

As chair, I would like to provide Imperial students with the training, guidance, and experience to maximize their employability for a career in data science.

Firstly, I would allocate our funds to interleave guest lecturers with our Students of AI workshops. In addition to this, I would introduce a new set of workshops, in partnership with our industry sponsors, that exposes the data-science recruitment process and highlights the discrepancies between academia and industry. Furthermore I would push for an initiative to automate submissions for the AoAI workshops. Lastly, I would build upon our existing industry relations to grow our industry-projects initiative to include projects across a greater diversity of industries and NGOs.

My past experience should speak to my understanding of everyday operations and to my commitment to our mission of “bridging the gap between academia and industry”.