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Satya Johnson

Data Science: Chair

Hi all, I am the Head of Talent Development for this year. The whole team has done a very good job this year. If I am elected, I will make this society better to accommodate all of you. The milestones that I want ICDSS to achieve are:
1. Equip all ICDSS members to have better career prospects in data science
2. Transform ICDSS into more than just a student society, but also respected and influential to data science communities across the universities in the UK and the industries

What will I do to realise them?
By improving the current programs by ICDSS, e.g. talent development workshop series by Students for AI, networking events, annual hackathon event. Members will also be able to work on various projects, especially projects from the industries and academia to gain work experience recognised by the employers and fulfil your personal goal in data science. You will also be involved if you are interested in running the society to realise this.

New programs of ICDSS will enable you to be (an) entrepreneur(s). All of these can be done by expanding collaboration with other societies within the college and societies from the best universities across the UK, and Students for AI. All other suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

Thank you for your time.