Photo of Claudia Regojo Montero

Claudia Regojo Montero

Design Engineering: Workshops Manager

Hello there!

I am running for workshop manager because I love setting up events and getting people to enjoy themselves by trying out new things.

Through the workshops I aim to bring out the designer in us, as in this increasingly scientific and technical environment it can often get relegated to a secondary position.

If elected, I will be organizing hands-on workshops that allow you to get a break from your work routine, while bolstering your creative and technical skills.
These sessions will be oriented towards both exploring different expressions of art and design (graphic design, fine arts, plastic arts…), and boosting your understanding of more technical design engineering tools.

Also, I pledge to try as much as possible to ensure the workshops I organize suit the interest of all DesSoc members. All workshop suggestions will be welcome, and surveys will be carried out prior to the organisation of events to select the topics that you find most gripping!