Photo of Neel Le Penru

Neel Le Penru

Design Engineering: Community Events Manager

Hello DesEng!

I’m a DE3 student and for the past year I’ve had the pleasure of being Social Activities Manager for DesSoc. In this role, I’ve organised a host of events that have (hopefully) appealed to as much of our wonderful and diverse community as possible! These have included:
- Events to welcome new members: ’Tea, and Coffee’, Mums and Dads;
- Major Social Events: Oktoberfest (!!), Halloween Curry Night, IDE Christmas Dinner;
- Community-integrating social events: ‘Wine, Cheese & Boardgames’;
- Cultural events: V&A Future Starts Here; and lastly,
- Supporting the ‘social’ side of other DesSoc events: keeping > 80 people fed (& hydrated) during the DesSoc Makeathon weekend!

I hope many of you have enjoyed what we’ve organised this year, but I’ll admit that there are some areas where I want to do more, and that’s why I’m running to be community events manager!!
In particular, I’d like to organise:
- More Museum & Theatre trips (Tate Lates and Globe Theatre, anyone?);
- Open Mics (in collaboration with Alt Music Soc & Chris in GID!);
- Film Nights;
- Book club (…!); and,
- Continue Tea & Coffee and Wine & Cheese!
- I’m open to suggestions, too!

This year I’ve also organised events as Chair of Alternative Music Society (e.g. record store crawls).

From these experiences, I know how to make events happen (planning, budgeting, running), and if elected will be able to support the rest of the committee with this too!

So, if you want events that appeal to and bring together our whole community, please vote for me!