Photo of David Prior Hope

David Prior Hope

Design Engineering: Open House Manager

As Design students it is extremely important to have excellent work; it is just as important to exhibit this work phenomenally. I have studied Design for the past 7 years and have enjoyed showcasing my work at a show each year. Having come here from an Art Foundation, I have gained an insight into the strengths of different Design Universities shows.
I believe each project was made differently and these differences should be celebrated – I am enthusiastic to work with students to make an extremely impactful show that will not only benefit the school but also the students’ careers. I would work to attract the media to our show and hopefully have our show featured on a Design magazine.
I am currently the second year Exhibitions Rep, I have and will be involved in the setup of this year’s Open House Exhibition, thus giving me experience and insight into the demands and responsibilities I would take on. I have understood the limits of this role but also identified areas of potential value. As the Open House Manager I would be keen to work further on creating ‘hype’ about our show, I would like to create an Instagram counting down to the exhibition and giving sneak peaks into university and external projects students are working on; similar to the RCA. I am also eager to uphold existing ‘hype-building’ elements we have, such as our Facebook page and poster.