Photo of Sami Osborn

Sami Osborn

Investment: Head of Diversity & Inclusivity

In my life I have stood up against bullies. I have stood up against sexism, racism and discrimination of every kind.

I don’t believe it is fair that the sexual orientation or religion should determine the role and success you reach in life.

It is my purpose to break down these barriers, and to promote diversity and inclusion, in particular in the workforce, and this will be my goal as the Investment Societies Head of Diversity and Inclusion.

As a south-Asian Muslim I have first-hand experienced these mistreatments, and I am motivated to end this for all others.

Having received an offer to work in finance next year, I wish for fellow investors at Imperial to be able to follow the same route.

In this role I will be well suited since I have a thorough understanding of the impacts of discrimination, and I have devised many ways to combat it. Such ideas include minority centred events such as BAME networking or Women in Investing events.

I see diversity not as something shameful but as something unique and important, since minorities will come to a situation and see insightful and alternative investment ideas.

As Head of Diversity and Inclusion I would make a positive impact on others and will bridge these gaps, since I believe in a true meritocracy.