Photo of Chidera Orabueze

Chidera Orabueze

Investment: Head of Diversity & Inclusivity

The focus of my leadership is simple: To provide Access to Opportunity for society members irrespective of their race, gender, religious beliefs, sexuality or socio-economic status.
Having been to a plethora of networking events and liaised with industry professionals on the ways in which the finance workplace can be made more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds, I have come up with plans of action that would guide me through my role as your Diversity and Inclusion officer

1. Access to Opportunity events:
I would ensure that I provide members of the society, access to industry leading professionals by organising termly panellist events such as: ABLE in Finance, BAME in Finance (British and non-British backgrounds), Women in Finance, PRIDE in Finance plus much more so that we can learn from people that have been similar situations like us.

2. Inclusivity among members:
I would increase input from society members by sending out surveys after the events in order to better tailor future events.

3. Increase Mentorship Opportunities:
Having access to mentors in industry is important to students looking to break into the Finance sector. I would bring in more finance industry mentors from all backgrounds to offer coaching sessions to members of the society.

4. Providing refreshments at networking events:
Rest assured that there would be refreshments at every Access to Opportunity event that I organise.

I look forward to serving and providing access to more opportunities for you as your Diversity and Inclusion officer.