Photo of Chenshihui Lin

Chenshihui Lin

Investment: Head of Diversity & Inclusivity

Hi, my name is Chenshihui Lin, a second year Biochemist.
My motivation for being the Head of Diversity and Inclusion is due to understanding
what it is like coming to university not even knowing what a spring week was and
feeling like I would never fit into finance with my background (Female, BAME,
LGBTQ+, Non-finance, Social Mobility). I want to ensure that even for first year
people who are worried about not fitting into the finance have the right role models to
ensure they are not deterred from a fantastic career. I want to work with firms to
make sure that a whole range of diversity is taken in and therefore lead in inspiring
the next generation of aspiring Bankers.
I believe I am qualified due to my previous experience running on other committees
such as Entrepreneurs and Women in Business so know about organizing events
and working alongside sponsor firms. In addition, I have built up my relations at top
Banks with their HR and seniors through insight/assessment events) who are very
interested in me acting as an ambassador for their firms.
Throughout my term I aim to:
Organize a diversity conference for finance alongside other major universities such
as UCL, LSE and Kings
Organize a mentorship scheme with initial meet and greet with mentors at the start of
term ready for when applications begin
Collaborate with sponsor firms to get exclusive diversity events:
Firm wide dinners
Workshops for applications
Insight days
Promoting diversity through ICIS’s social media