Photo of Xerxes Chong

Xerxes Chong

Investment: Head of Editoral

Welcome to the world of investments, I am Xerxes and I will be your guide.
Picture this, you’re at Imperial and have decided it is time to consider a career in investment and finance. Spurred by this prospect, you open the front page of the Financial Times and a million and one financial jargons hits you in the face. Never one to give up, you turn to Google, only to find a billion more definitions, each more convoluted than the next.
Like many of you from a background in STEM, I found the world of investments daunting and confusing and yearned to find simple and intuitive explanations to this complicated world.
Serving as Co-Editor has taught me the quickest method to learn about a subject, is to write about it. It has also exposed me to the pitfalls of writing jargon-laden articles and its inability to reach out to a wider audience, people like you and me.
Apart from continuing the sterling work by current editor Tom Alston, of collating and editing all articles, I will introduce more educational pieces in Felix that provide a better foundation for developing one’s interest in investments. Recognising the efforts of student contributions to the society’s section of Felix and the wealth of knowledge accumulated, I want to leverage the society’s website to make these articles accessible for easy referencing.
By breaking down the complex, i hope InvestmentSoc will not only attract the passionate, but ignite a similar passion in others.