Photo of Yuhan Du

Yuhan Du

Investment: Head of Sell-Side Corporate Relations

Hi, my name is Yuhan Du and I am a second year Mathematics student.

I believe as Head of Sell side relations I will be able to benefit members through networking, using my connections acquired through spring weeks/internships to secure acquiring sponsorships with firms.

My main vision for this role is to work with the current committee during handover to write and deliver society pitches to potential sponsors to secure sponsorship perks. This also includes entering university wide competitions at these firms. I will help recruiting efforts and allow members to understand firms on a more personal level through exclusive informal insights whether that be at company dinners, workshops or presentations.

The reasons you should chose me are that:
1. I am passionate about providing more advantages and benefits for our members by building trusted relationships with a wider range of targeting firms and acquiring sponsorships.
2. Based on my previous experiences at both J.P Morgan (converted in summer internship) and Morgan Stanley spring weeks as well as other successful applications to Bloomberg, M&G investments and Bank of America I have developed good relations with senior management as well as human resources staff that are willing to deepen relations with Imperial Students in particular.
3. I believe I am able to offer both the members of ICIS in addition to the firms a chance to better understand and help each other recruit the best talent our university has to offer.

Thanks a lot for supporting me!