Photo of Ankush Rajput

Ankush Rajput

Investment: Head of Sell-Side Corporate Relations

Hey, I’m Ankush – a 3rd-year Maths student and an incoming MSc Finance student at the business school and I’d like to be your Head of Sell-Side Corporate Relations next year.

Through my role on MathSoc, I have been able to secure numerous sponsorships (where we have more than Finance Soc!) and I plan to do the same for Finance Society, helping the society grow back to the size it once was, packed full of events to support our students.

I’ve also had experience organizing and running these events, holding more interactive sessions alongside networking events, so you are able to get to know the firm and their employees on a more personal level. These events have been accessible to an even wider variety of students as I was able to find something for everyone.

Furthermore, I plan to utilize my network in the business school to develop links with a diverse range of financial institutions, organizing tailored financial training classes whilst inviting numerous guest speakers, which will help you prepare for the application process and interviews.

Thank you for your time and vote for me!