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Yanda Wong

Investment: Head of Events & Marketing

Hello everyone, I am Yanda, currently a 1st Year studying Chemistry, and I would love to have the opportunity to run for Heads of Events & Marketing next year!

Prior to joining Imperial, investment is a relatively foreign concept to me. Despite having some preliminary experience by investing in stocks during my Military Service in Singapore, it was only the time spent in the Investment Society that allowed me to broaden my knowledge in the field of investing. From the almost two terms spent with the society, I truly see the value and importance of the society.

However, instead of always acting as a passive listener during every weekly meeting on Tuesdays, I decided to take on a more active role in the society so that more students who have little or no financial knowledge can be able to benefit from this society.

By taking this role, I wish to provide numerous networking events and presentations by inviting previous Imperial alumni to share their experiences in the field of investing, as well as exterior companies, be it hedge funds, venture capitals, or companies from other non-financial sectors. Having attended the TEC course organized by the society, which I felt immensely helpful, if I were to be elected, I would also aim to continue such educational courses for the welfare of the members.

I sincerely hope to spend more time with all of you guys for the next academic year. So, please vote for me!!! Thank you!!!