Photo of Wei Ooi

Wei Ooi

Investment: Head of Events & Marketing

When I started to grow an interest towards the financial markets, I approached IC Investment Society and I learnt a lot about the markets from various activities such as educational sessions, diversity events, the ongoing TEC, and others. Therefore, I would like to give back and contribute towards ICIS by applying for the role of Head of Events and Marketing. I have vast experience in both event operations and marketing, namely as the Head of Events Operation Department in my college years and being a Marketing and Outreach Director in iCUBE UK.

If elected, my aims and goals are:

-I would continue to run events such as networking events and Diversity events. I would also like to organise more alumni related events such as speed dating events. Also, I would propose to provide guest speakers during networking events token of appreciation such as a certificate. This is a professional gesture of gratitude which will help to uphold the name of ICIS.

2)Weekly meetings
-Propose to invite a wider variety of external speakers (PE, HF, IBD, AM, VC) during weekly meetings to attract a spectrum of people interested in these various departments.

3)Imperial Investment Challenge
-Organise a challenge where Imperial students in groups can participate in a comprehensive stock analysis of any FTSE companies and provide recommendations on them. They will be required to provide a proposal and pitch it to the judges.