Photo of Roshan Shah

Roshan Shah

Investment: Secretary

Hey, I’m Roshan, a 3rd year student and I believe I would be a good choice for your Investment Soc Secretary.
I want to to get involved in the colossal task of planning events especially as I’ve had experience doing so for 2 years in a charity society. I know communication is the make or break factor for a society’s success so that is where I will focus my efforts. With the experience I’ve gained I have a couple of ideas to roll out:
1) Get more members involved in event planning perhaps through feedback or reaching out for volunteers when the need arises
2) At the beginning of the year send out a rough calendar so members will know what’s coming up and when
3) I am passionate about what I do so I want to help out other committee members wherever I can to ensure the society is a success
4) The committee is already excellent in emailing so I want to keep this up and ensure we are as approachable as possible
That’s it! Hope I’ve convinced you to vote for me or given you some ideas to make the process more insightful/enjoyable!!