Photo of Michaela Flegrova

Michaela Flegrova

Student Trustee

Hi everyone, I'm Michaela and I think I'd like to be your Student Trustee. I'll keep this manifesto entirely honest, because that's what you expect from someone whom you're supposed to trust (a Student Trustee).

I think I'm better than most of the other candidates, although at the time of writing I'm not exactly sure who those are. I have some experience in the Union which isn't 100% relevant, but it should be enough. I don't actually know what the role is exactly about (but I'm guessing neither do you). I assume I'd represent the students on the Trustee Board (duh). Anyway, that's what training is for, so you should not worry - I'll be ready for the role by August!

I decided I should run after a discussion with one of the current Student Trustees, which made me realise that I might be good for the role. My mum also said I should run, or at least she definitely would if I asked her. I hope.

I don't want to promise you anything because I don't know if I could achieve it, but I do have some ideas that I think would be good for the Union and for the students, and I generally consider myself to be a person with reasonable views and opinions who can usually tell good from bad.

Most of my friends trust me when it comes to important things, so I think you can also trust me and give me your vote for Student Trustee.