Photo of Daniel Faehndrich

Daniel Faehndrich

Student Trustee

The inner workings of the Union are something I have become accustom to throughout my year as a Constituent Union President & Sabbatical Officer.

I’ve seen the good, the bad, & the ugly, and want to ensure we are making the Union as democratic, transparent, & student-led as possible.

With my experience, and having attended Board of Trustees meetings as an observer previously, I will be able to jump in as soon as I’m elected with a clear vision of how to use the role to achieve what you & your fellow students want & need. I’ve worked with Faculties, Constituent Unions, the Union, & College on issues ranging from the running of your Clubs & Societies, to welfare provision through disciplinary procedures, & emergency planning mitigation for student led events, so I know what change is possible & how to go about making change happen.


- PROTECT the identity and history of our Constituent Unions
- ENSURE that all areas and all those who work for the Union, as volunteers or otherwise, are held accountable to its members
- LOBBY for consultation on all large matters affecting the student experience to maintain our core democratic values
- COMMUNICATE what both Board, and the Union on a whole are deciding and taking action on, with its members

Consultation, representation, and communication have been a hallmark of my terms in a multitude of student volunteering positions. I want to continue that as your Student Trustee. A vote for me is a vote for experience, efficacy, and democracy.

Vote Dan for Student Trustee.