Photo of Ansh Bhatnagar

Ansh Bhatnagar

Student Trustee

After two years on Union Council, I know how difficult it is for students to get involved and make a difference. It's time for a change.

Hi, I'm Ansh. I'm a third year physicist running to sit on Trustee Board because we need to ensure that the Union's resources are being allocated to enact the decisions we make, so we can truly become a member-led Union.

This year we are heading for a £365,000 deficit, primarily due to hiring expensive agency staff after the poor treatment of student bar staff - and cuts may be made that affect us all. That's simply unacceptable.

As Student Trustee, I will:
- Be YOUR voice on Trustee Board, and keep you in the loop
- Ensure the Union is being financially responsible
- Fight against cuts to Union services - we shouldn't suffer because of poor decisions at the top!
- Allocate resources to implement the democratic decisions of students

As Council Rep, I have:
- Mandated the Union to implement a petitions system, so you can make your voice heard
- Been leading the process for Union reform
- Made the case for transparency and student consultation

I know the Union's processes all too well; in the past three years I have:
- Been on seven committees
- Managed a £10k budget to run the most successful RCSU Science Challenge in six years
- Led a society and doubled its membership

I'm the candidate with the proven track record and the drive to push through change at the Union. Vote Ansh for Student Trustee!