Photo of Soo-Jeong Kim

Soo-Jeong Kim

Gender Equality Officer

As your Gender Equality Officer, I will extend my role to campaign not only for Gender Equality but also for Gender Equity around Imperial and beyond. My priority is inclusivity - I will be an advocate for any gender, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or your backgrounds. On top of continuing the work of the Gender Equality Officer last year – including celebrating International Women’s day - I intend to promote gender equality and equity with my manifesto. These are the steps that I believe are crucial in order to reach a homogenised community, where a Gender Equality Officer is no longer needed.

1) I will open platforms for discussions on:
- The importance of mental health for men, by re-defining ‘masculinity’
- Social norms and prejudice that surround men and women of colour, religion, nationality and other minority backgrounds.
- Gender minorities in Academia

2) Support IC Her (currently only in MechEng) and extend this to other departments.
IC Her promotes women in STEM at Imperial and works to provide outreach programs for female students.

3) By pairing up with NGOs, I will work beyond Imperial to continue to provide education for girls around the world, and support transgender men and women around the UK.
In a world where education is a privilege, I believe that my role as a Gender Equality Officer at Imperial should extend beyond Imperial to campaign and fundraise for people who don’t
receive education based on their gender.