Photo of Niamh Hardcastle

Niamh Hardcastle

Gender Equality Officer

It's well known that Imperial is seen as a bit of a boys club (gotta love that 2:1 ratio). This doesn't mean that we cant tackle some of our most important gender equality issues. In my first month here, a consultant told me to consider a different career path, because being a surgeon would be difficult "when i have young kids". There is no reason that women should be herded away from high profile careers, and i will make it an absolute priority to tackle sexism in all forms on campus. Another key issue i hope to resolve are the lack of places to purchase sanitary products on campus, especially as the union shop is often closed, and the nearest shops are quite a walk away. I hope to have free sanitary products available at the union as has successfully been trailed at Edinburgh university. I will also be working closely with the mental health officer to help tackle the often under-recognised problem of male mental health. Suicide is the leading cause of death in young men in the UK, and yet the college is failing them, with nearly 2 month long waiting lists for university counselling, and recommending "just going private" if they cant wait that long, as if every student can afford to spend hundreds of pounds on medical care which the uni claims it will provide.

We can tackle these problems, but to do that I need your support, both in this election and throughout the year.