Photo of Hunain Nadeem

Hunain Nadeem

Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

As an institution founded by key figures of the early 20th century who were proponents of fundamental colonialist principles, it is particularly important to us as Imperial students to be aware of issues about race and continue working to ensure institutionalised discrimination and racism have no place at our university. Having already served as an academic representative and as PhySoc Vice President during my time here, I believe I have the experience to ensure effective representation for ethnic minorities in College.

My key goals as BME officer include:
- Holding regular talks and events with an aim to promote open dialogue about race and discrimination in higher education and beyond, including guest speakers who have overcome
institutional barriers to make an impact in their fields.
- Collaborating with key welfare and LGBTQ+ representatives around College to ensure a platform of representation for queer people of colour who are often overlooked by large institutions.
- Ensuring students and staff of all ethnic groups are made aware of how institutionalised practices and attitudes can negatively affect the experience of ethnic minorities at Imperial.
- Acting as a friendly face and an effective representative for ethnic minorities at Imperial and best protecting our interests at College and in the Union.

I encourage you to vote for me to take on this role and it would be an absolute privilege to serve as your BME officer next year.