Photo of Deborah Adegoke

Deborah Adegoke

Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

Hello! So you're at Imperial, one of the top universities in the world, in one of the most diverse and multicultural cities too... yet have you ever encountered the daily struggles of feeling outcasted, inadequate or just different? I know I have. I believe others have too; I want to help improve Imperial's environment in terms of being more comfortable and open with different ethnicities & cultures. The students here represent so many different backgrounds, we need to make sure your voice is heard and your background is known and appreciated. Being a British born Nigerian, I know the challenges that come with seemingly conflicting cultures and feeling set apart from a community despite being integrated into it my whole life. I want to change the dynamic; to develop a more open and honest atmosphere where we can exchange ideas & knowledge, tackle issues people of colour face or take time to learn more about someone else's background.
I'm a first year student studying Bioengineering, so whilst I don't have *that* much experience at uni, I have plenty when it comes being a sole person to represent my ethnicity, my culture and my identity in a community. Uni is hard, no one needs additional burdens.

Let me know how to go about making these changes-it's your time & input that keeps the SU running, and will help me be a genuinely useful and efficient Black & Minority Ethnic Officer!

Debbie Adegoke