Photo of Adele Wang

Adele Wang

Energy: Vice President (Talks)

Hi! My name is Adele. I am a first-year in Bioengineering and I am running to be Vice President (Talks). I am very passionate about sustainability and am especially interested in the energy sector. I enjoy meeting new people and would love to use my interpersonal skills to bring our members more frequent and higher-quality contact with industry professionals.

I believe I am well-suited for this position because of my communication skills and relevant experiences. In high school, I founded a sustainability group where I organized and conducted talks with industry for our members. We welcomed the former principal engineer of the Chinese State Electricity Regulatory Commission and the director of strategy and research at a green-tech investment firm. With resources from our society, I believe I can organize even more informative and intellectually stimulating talks.

For the upcoming year, I would like to make our talks more rigorous. I feel that many of our members’ interest in energy are career-based so I will work closely with our events VP, integrating more networking and occupational Q&A into sessions involving large corporations; perhaps even hosting an energy careers fair. For those who have a strong scholastic interest in energy, I will also try to secure talks of interesting frontier energy research (e.g. working with Energy Futures Lab). Additionally, I want to put our society on the guest list for larger, professionally set-up summits (e.g. the Economist annual Sustainability Summit) which while being very well-resourced, are often too expensive for students.