Photo of Benjamin Santhouse-James

Benjamin Santhouse-James

Energy: Sponsorship Officer

My name is Ben Santhouse and I’m a first year Geophysics student who’s running to be Sponsorship Officer next year, a new position that fills a vital, previously unfulfilled role. I have already assumed some duties in an informal Corporate Liaison Officer capacity for the society over the last few months to relieve the workload of some of the other members of the board. As a result, I have already begun to build-up relationships with our current sponsors and would hope to continue these in addition to agreeing further sponsors if I am elected.
Sponsorship plays a vital role in funding the society’s events throughout the year. Our agreements not only provide income, but also allow members to gain expertise from industry professionals in talks and networking events as well as visits to energy-related facilities. In co-operation with The President, I would review the current standard sponsorship packages to offer more flexibility in our proposals to attract smaller companies as well as MNCs.
To address certain concerns that the society is too reliant on fossil fuel money, I would like to particularly focus on courting firms that have clear corporate social responsibility aims as well as renewable energy companies. Whilst not technically within the Sponsorship Officer’s role, it was unacceptable that the sole G3 Energy Summit sponsor this year was Shell; I would work closely next year to ensure a more diverse representation from the energy sector.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.