Photo of Vethalingam Siva Shanmugam

Vethalingam Siva Shanmugam

Energy: Vice President (Projects)

Who am I?
I am Vethalingam Siva Shanmugam, a first-year Chemical engineering student. I had a brief spell as a subcommittee for the VP (events and talks) in the spring term where I aided the main committee to organise the BP’s Regional President guest lecture.

Why me?
Previous experiences
• Assistant Head Prefect and President of Science and Mathematics Society in high school
- Organised inter-school events by collaboration with nearby schools
• Active in sports
- Cricket at state level, play football and table tennis
• Voluntary tutoring
- Tutor underprivileged students through Imperial Pimlico connection

I believe these experiences have developed my character as a leader who can communicate with the committee and members.

My aspirations for the society

As the Vice President (projects), my goals are to:

Develop structure of projects
• Attract first years to join by assigning a mentor from the same project group
• Provide connections with professors working on similar projects
Produce a combined inter-university project
• Collaborate with other UK universities at the beginning of term to identify a common energy related interest
• Develop a project and logistics to create a platform for communication
• Promote knowledge exchange and networking with other Energy societies
Introduce a target-based prize for most consistent group
• Allow project groups to set reasonable achievable target for the year
• Monitor monthly updates and award consistency points accordingly

Concluding remarks
Overall, I am an approachable guy who is ready to listen to all your comments and suggestions. I am prepared to work with my committee to realise our goals.