Photo of Agrim Manchanda

Agrim Manchanda

Electronic & Information Engineering: Departmental Wellbeing Representative

Hey! I’m Agrim, a second year EIE student and running for next year’s Dep Wellbeing Rep. I am excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to make a difference to the way students feel about EIE! Having spoken to many peers and seniors around the department, this course can be very challenging at times, but it is possible to manage a healthy work-life balance.
My primary aim in this role will be to increase the communication between the students and staff, particularly to ensure that every student feels their welfare is looked after. I will collaborate with the year representatives and staff to implement:

- EIE mentoring scheme: establishing a senior student point of contact for years 1 – 2, to help build stronger connections and pass on “tips & tricks” for managing workload and time throughout the years.
- EIE socials: lunchtime and evening social sessions to provide a mutual space for like-minded students to socialise and help integrate vertically into the department.
- EIE workshops: collaborate and work closely with the department/college to raise more awareness of managing stress, time and develop better learning skills.

This year I’ve gained valuable experience of working as part of a large committee outside EEE and leading over 250 members, so I am ready to bring this to our department. With the curriculum review ongoing, this is the time to voice our opinions to make the right change that will affect our upcoming cohorts!

I hope to receive your support in making this possible :)