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Ka Ma

Robotics: Education Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Elsa and I’m a second year Bioengineering student. Having been helping out as a tutor this year for Robotics 101, I have a bit of experience and I’d like to run for education coordinator.

I enjoyed being a part of robotics society and it all began with me joining the Robotics 101 course. (Thanks to Cheryl and Nick;)) I see this as the opportunity for people to learn about robotics and for us to attract new blood.

Outreach is one of our most important aspects and I will try my best to continue the success of the course. Also, I will work on encouraging the participants to get involved in projects and to develop a long-term relationship with robotics and the society. I will talk to the projects coordinator and try to figure out some interesting projects for participants to carry on with their built robot.

Please vote for me! Thank you!