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Qingyue Yan

Robotics: Events Coordinator

Hi, I'm Cheryl, a 3rd year physicist. Some of you might've seen me around, I'm the lab manager this year. But I feel like I'm better at organising events, e.g. the (unofficial) hotpot night ;)

I really want to hold another robotics hackathon. This year we didn't have any because we didn't have any sponsors as the sponsorship officer position was empty until the second term... So with the new sponsorship officer's help I'm sure we can find one and hold an exciting hackathon!!

Since I'm basically committed all my university life in this society I'm familiar with all the basic events that we have - karaoke, christmas dinner, ice-skating, talks, movie nights etc. Those will happen as usual. And if you have any suggestions about what events you guys want, I'll try my best to realise them