Photo of Junrui Wang

Junrui Wang

Imperial College Union President

Being a Union President does not make oneself special from others, no matter how talented he/she may be in their own field;
Being a Union President does not give oneself power to reject others' requests, no matter how small the thing you think to be.

Being a Union President means the responsibility, the responsibility that others may regard as drudgery but you consider as the source of happiness.

Being a Union President means sacrifice, sacrificing the time which you may have used to amuse yourself rather than help others.

Being a Union President means being equal, for which you are standing on the behalf of all students you represent and what you do must represent the interest of majority.

This job is going to be hard and not to be easy. It is not a causal game to simply play with. It means responsibility, means the desire to help others, to stand for your group, to stand for the profits of all people involved, and it means you have been determined to listen to all the feedback from students that you represent, to present each students' ideas equally, and to treat others warmly.

I often ask myself , 'Do you think you can take this heavy task?'. It is hard, I have to admit, and there might be some difficulties that I have never met; but I promise that I will try my best and spare no effort to make imperial a better place.